• Ambulance Services
    • First Responder provides Basic and Advanced Life Support for the citizens of Butte, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo Counties. In Butte County, First Responder operates an all Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) ambulance fleet, responding to 911 service calls, 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week. Along with Enloe Hospital's Ambulance service, First Responder has operated in Butte County for over 20 years. In Sacramento, Placer and Yolo Counties, First Responder contracts with many area hospitals and other healthcare facilities to provide inter facility transportation services. All of the Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) ambulances in the fleet carry a broad range of medical supplies and drugs to meet the emergent needs of our patients. In addiion, all of our units are tracked with Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, so our dispatch center can determnine the most appropriate resource for the call.

      12 lead EKG's with telemetry capabilities are deployed in each of our ALS Ambulances. Rapid deployment and diagnosis of a Heart Attack is priority in the survivability of this medical emergency. 12 leads with telemtry helps reduce the diagnostic timeframe, thus increasing the survival rate.
  • Critical Care Transports
    • First Responder responds throughout the Northstate with our Specialty Care Transport Units. These units are staffed with an EMT, Paramedic and Registered Nurse. The units are equipped with state of the art monitoring devices to meet the needs of the most critically ill patients.

      In partnership with UC Davis Medical Center, First Responder staffs and operates the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This unit is staffed by two First Responder EMT's. The unit is dedicated to UC Davis. When a call comes in, our unit will transport the UC Davis Critical Care Transport Team anywhere in California. This service is vital to the community and First Responder is proud to be a part of the team.
  • Gurney Van and Wheelchair - Non-Medical Transports
    • First Responder rounds out our transportation choices with providing Wheelchair and Gurney Van Services. Our Medivan Division provides reliable non-emergent transportation throughout Northern California. First Responder accepts Medi-Cal, most major credit cards, checks, or payment plan. First Responder can transport locally or long distance.

      All of our medivans are equipped with Global Positioning System devices (just like our ambulances) that will assist the dispatcher in getting you the most practical and efficient resource. In addition, the Wheelchair Vans come equipped with ADA Compliant Wheelchair Lifts, while the Gurney Van's use industry standard Stryker Gurney's.
  • 24 Hour Dispatch
    • First Responder staffs our Dispatch Center 24 hours a day. In conjunction with other agencies, First Responder works to ensure a timely and efficient process when called for service. To accomplish this, First Responder uses computer aided dispatch software by Zoll Data Systems. This software enables the dispatcher to keep current status on the location of all resources under the control of the dispatcher. In addition, the dispatcher is in constant communication over UHF, VHF, Cellular and Low Band frequencies with mobile resources as well as fire and ambulance dispatch centers throughout our service areas.

      To aid in the dispatch process, First Responder has placed into service GPS/AVL Tracking. All of our ambulances and medivans have on board GPS units that update our dispatch center every 10 seconds with the location of the unit. Each unit is displayed on a map within our Dispatch Center. The map offers real time data for unit and incident location. This data assists the dispatcher in ranking the closest, most appropriate unit to respond to the call.

      All of our Dispatchers are trained to the Emergency Medical Dispatch level. This training is nationally recognized and administered by the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch.
  • Tactical Medicine
    • First Responder EMS deploys personnel to support Butte County Sheriff SWAT missions. The mission is to provide advanced life support care to the members of the SWAT Team during tactical operations. All medical personnel are sworn sheriff deputies and go through rigorous training with the SWAT team.
      During tactical operations, the Paramedic assigned to the SWAT will treat and extricate the injured out of the "red zone" to an awaiting advanced life support ambulance or air ambulance, who transports the patient to the hospital.
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